About Me

Photography is passion, sensation, emotion. I've been a photographer in Florence since 1991. At first I dedicated myself to the field of fashion, after which I explored all fields of photography: from architecture to landscape, from dance to portraiture; each time experiencing a new captivating emotion, taking on the challenge to get creative and unusual images.

First I collaborated with the famous Massimo Sestini Agency. From him I learned the art of "seizing the moment", getting the shot that captures the feeling, the essence... the one that makes the event unforgettable. Then I moved on to the entertainment business where I produced images for posters, book covers and record covers for the likes of Pieracioni, Conti and Panariello.
After a fruitful collaboration with a fashion photographer in 1997, I opened my first showroom in Florence, on Via di Ripoli and in 2010 in Stia in Casentino.